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This iPhone Case review and description
Fits iPhone 4, & 4S A mirror screen protector, just seeing from the name we are sure that it could be used as a mirror. That is perfectly right! With this screen protector on your iPhone 4 screen, it can act as a reflective mirror when screen powers off. What is more, it plays not only the role of a screen protector but also a guard to your privacy. A High DEF mirror screen protector could increase your privacy because the display of your phone should only be seen from the front but impossible to be seen from other directions. iPhone screen mirror has high contrast effects with iPhone 4 Mirror Screen Protector on. And that while the screen is on, it is brighter and sharper but 100% original color. By the way does it does not interfere with touch-screen operation. In a word, the mirror screen protector is a multifunctional product that fascinates many people. It is always a good thing to protect your phone's screen and not just its back surface. After all, it is through the screen that you get to read the messages, check out apps and see who is calling. There are tons of screen protectors on the market, though. So how do you choose? You have to pick a screen guard that will not only protect your iPhone's screen from scratches and dust but will also enhance your phone's looks. So, you pick something that can at least go unnoticeable as an additional layer. This way, your iPhone's looks can shine through. You could also go for a screen protector that provides extra sheen on your iPhone. The Mirror Anti-Scratch Screen Guard is made especially for the iPhone 4. It does go a little beyond what is expected from a screen guard, which is to protect the screen from damage caused by scratches. The screen protector also makes the iPhone's surface look new all the time. Wouldn't that be nice? If you want your iPhone to look new all the time, you may like to invest in a few sheets of Mirror Anti-Scratch Screen Guard. These sheets are especially made for your iPhone so that you can easily place one of them on the said phone's screen. The Mirror Reflect Screen Protector is the best and inexpensive way to scratch and smudge proof your Apple iPhone 4 entire front LCD screen. The Mirror Reflect full LCD screen protector keeping your screen face always looking new. No sticky residue! Removable, Washable, and Reusable! Miraculous glass like crystal clarity! This screen protector will maintain the life and vivid color of your device. It is the perfect product if you put your device in any pockets or purses. A special mixture in the plastic refracts 99% of UV rays from reflected light which in turn protects your eyes. Features:

  • Complete full protection of iPhone 4's front side which covers the entire LCD screen
  • Mirror Screen Protector looks and works like a mirror when the screen is shut off (locked)
  • Once the screen is activated, the screen contents appear like normal
  • UV protection and color improvement
  • Guards against tarnishes
  • Dust repelling
  • Anti-scratch
  • Touch screen recognition improvement
  • Washable and reusable
  • No sticky residue
  • Soft nylon cleaning cloth
  • Installation card tool
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 & 4S 16GB and 32GB Models

This phone case fits all models of iPhone

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